A SC Delegation to Reflect the Fullness of God’s Human Family

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The work of UMC Next is guided by four commitments we believe are essential to a hope-filled future for the global Methodist movement as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

In the months since the outcome of the February special session of General Conference, leaders across the South Carolina Annual Conference have worked to identify clergy and lay leaders who dream of a church that is welcoming, affirming, and inclusive of all God’s children.

Our team is called to support a delegation to the 2020 General Conference and Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference that will strive to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in all forms and toward all people. We welcome and encourage delegates to the South Carolina Annual Conference to join us in offering their support to these leaders in the order listed below as we work together to build a church that reflects the fullness of God’s human family.

Clergy Slate

Ken NelsonElected
Robin DeaseElected
Keith HunterElected
Emily SuttonElected
Will MalambriElected
Susan LeonardElected
Tiffany KnowlinElected
Karen JonesElected
Kathryn HunterElected
Fran ElrodElected
Connie BarnesElected
Cathy MitchellElected
Richard ReamsElected
Mary TeasleyElected
Elizabeth MurrayElected
Clayton Childers12
Sara WhiteElected
Christopher Green 29
Angela Nelson56
Tom Norrell58

Laity Slate

James SalleyElected
David BraddonElected
Vicki McCarthaElected
Jennifer PriceElected
Marlene Spencer Elected
Betty VoidElected
Stanton Adams36
Valerie Brooks-MaddenElected
David SalterElected
Lou Jordan Elected
Lollie HaseldenWrite-in

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